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! where is there still opportunity? you think you expect new york, atlanta and chicago to rise? you think there is still good opportunities there? >> that's right. of those three, new york, chicago, and atlanta those are interesting markets because they're ones that are still seeing home price depreciation in many parts of those markets and are definitely the laggards of the top 30 metro. those are praises where the home market, the housing market is not yet fully recovered. we still have a lot of foreclosures and a lot of negative equity. they will do quite well. they will do okay in 2013. they will do better after that. all three markets. at least chicago and new york are a little more, have more headwinds and they're in, they have a lot of judicial forechrous sure, processes which means there is a long pipeline of foreclosures. that tends to cloud the markets a little bit. melissa: why are you so positive on atlanta? >> well, atlanta i would say has had a very long housing recession. it has been a little bit of a sleeper in terms of hard hit markets. typically we talk about vegas, phoe
delays. that is common. but air-traffic atlanta, chicago, new york really has a wave of wild weather moving through the country. joining us now from the weather center. rick, this will take a while, isn't it? >> the rest of the afternoon will be a washout. end of the year reports from new york down through atlanta, atlanta getting pummeled right now, airports will be delayed and this is a thick line of storms to get over, so planes cannot land and cannot get out of here. a lot of severe weather with it. tornadoes firing today. five of them across north georgia. and right now atlanta being pummeled with very heavy rain. atlanta not looking at a tornado right now, but certainly very significant wind. all of these storms pull through, clearing out midnight across georgia and the south east. we will replay this for the northeast and things are getting worse this afternoon. a big line of storms moving through overnight toward new york city on thursday morning at 6:00 still seeing the rain near boston. cold and windy. incredible temperature swings and we are seeing it right now. 94 degrees
. melissa: are you crazy? >> joe montana and all those. the falcons, the city of atlanta has never had anything going but the falcons. there were this close. melissa: the real house was of atlanta. >> that's another reason. melissa: did on the football. come on. all right. next upon president obama was publicly sworn in today. vice-president biden may not be buying it. take a listen to this. >> i'm proud. [laughter] melissa: i love it when the guy from the back. hey, listen. i think it's fantastic. joe biden. >> i loved him. because of this see is -- the as a massive size issue that he puts it is not all the time. can you imagine him as president? superb.
a little bit at a time. this is their last stand outside atlanta. think of atlanta as american capitalism. if they give intonight, if they give in on monday and pass these tax increases, the president will get what he wants. there will be deficit reduction, and the next president will inherit the kind of situation that today characterizes come by once a greece, too extreme, but i would say italy. holy irresponsible fr any republican member of the house of representatives to vote for the package that mitch mcconnell is negotiating on their behalf without their leaders present. it is a ridiculous package. it does not work, and it will solve our long-term debt problems. gerri: i never have to guess at what you think. you are always clear isabela and entertaining. thank you for coming out tonight. have a great new year. >> happy new year. gerri: no votes in the house tonight. meanwhile, we go off the cliff tomoow. it does not applicable be a happy new year. our political panel place the blame game next. ♪ oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it i touched the ball before it went out, coach. c
to bottom out. atlanta, chicago, cincinnati. but i'll tell you something, zillow is saying nearly 90% of the these markets have bottomed out. they're in appreciation mode. the prices are ticking up. this comes on the heels of the nar saying that annualized existing home sales are up 9% versus 2011. ashley: looks like a relative recognize between the west and the east. the west got hammered in the housing collapse. >> that's a great point. >> the prices in phoenix, there are complete condo complexes that are ghost towns right now. to see prices come back are great but what are you pitting those numbers against because the bar is low? >> that's right. that is 6%, nearly 6% means, really at a bottom. ashley: yeah. >> so what the housing forecasters are saying you know what? expect 3:00% annual price appreciation average nationwide. that is about the 1990s levels that's what we saw. we still have 10.4 million mortgages in negative equity. meaning they're underwater. the mortgage is worth more than the house. you know what? hear is the deal with that. those homeowners have to sit with the
, including the so-called assault weapon used by the newtown, connecticut, shooter, atlanta. the senators placed the blame not on that young man with serious mental illness was left untreated, but rather on gun laws. >> weaken gun laws allow these mass killings to be carried out again and again. weapons designed originally for the military to kill large numbers of people are replicated for civil unions. lou: after four days of non-relativity from the president dispatched his vice president for a not so successful joe biden fireside chat made famous by fdr. not so successful because vice president biden undercut it with his own call for shotguns and more modest magazines. >> a shotgun will keep you a lot safer. a double barrel shotgun than an assault weapon in someone's hands. even when he does know how to use it, it's harder to use an assault weapon as it is a shotgun i am less concerned about what you call an assault weapon. lou: president obama hoping that his number two does better tomorrow when joe biden launches a campaign style road trip to promote gun control. his first stop is vir
. david: what about you? >> we have a great franchise support system here in atlanta, georgia. our main business model is an owner operated model. it is a simple model. typically can u. s. eight to 10 full and part-time employees. we really believe in a simplistic model and we own a core product which his wings in a variety of flavors that has been a great run for us and the problem with our franchise model is very strong. david: what do you think? >> it is a concern. trying to know the rules is important. at least we know where we are. i feel with the new models we have created, our normal store 1400 to 1800 square feet, now bringing it down to 250 square feet allows them to be more profitable and ultimately pay more taxes. david: a chance for one sentence from each of you. rick, if there was one guy controlling this economy from inside the beltway, what would you tell them to do to simplify your life? >> focus on job creation for small businesses, that is the fuel we need to move this economy forward. david: how would you get that done? what is the best in the government can do to mak
in atlanta. that is today's "speed read." sandra: all right, ashley. well done, sir. today is the big game. notre dame, university o of alabama in the bcs championship. many have complained of how the bcs ranks their teams. we found somebody has a simple and easy way to rank these teams. joining me, president of btl associates. what first do you do, you represent players in the nfl, is that correct? >> that is correct. an agency out of new york city and represent new york players. sandra: how are these bowl games, it is taking place in miami tonight, bu puts the schos on the big screen prime time, what does it do for the school itself, do you feel? >> it will bring a tremendous amount of revenue to each program. alabama and notre dame two historic programs and powerhouses in college football. and each school walks away between 22-$24 million. ashley: it does a lot for the area the game is hosted. in miami that hosted the orange bowl. what sort of impact will the city of miami see from this? >> you will see hospitality and tourism industries achieve record numbers over the past weekend, pas
you have? >> we have 100 employees and three plants, atlanta, phoenix and wisconsin. david: you fall right into the small business category concerned about obamacare, don't you? because you have just enough employees you have to begin to provide services maybe you haven't been providing in the past? >> absolutely, david. i think the fine line with us is we also develop software solutions for the health care and insurance industries of the so as a result of obamacare we're actually able to help some of those insurance and health care providers develop better communications strategies to reduce their costs and increase better efficiencies in reaching their consumers. david: as an employer robert how will it affect your relationship with your emmloyees and your costs? >> we've been in conversations about that because absolutely it is a fear. no question we don't think there's a free ride for anybody. there is no such thing as free health care. it might sound good but when you put 40 million people that are uninsured on the program, somebody will have it pay for it and ultimately it will
to invest. stuart: all right. now you've got a house that's in atlanta. >> yes. stuart: give me the specs on this thing. we will look at it on the screen. >> this house is a five bedroom five bath 3500 square foot on almost a quarter of an acre. so this is a big house on a big lot. stuart: what? wait a minute. a quarter of an acre is a big lot? david: for somebody who has a thousand acres in new york, i mean, yes. [laughter] stuart: back in 05, this place sold for? >> $600,000. stuart: and it just sold for? >> 389. that's $109 a square foot. stuart: okay. next case, santa barbara. let's show the house. describe the specs, please. >> sure. this house is actually a three bedroom, three bath 2500 square foot home built in 2006. stuart: okay and it just sold for? >> $899,000. stuart: that's the first time it's been on the market? >> yes. this is the first time it's been on the market. the first owner. it sold for 352 a square foot. so you can kind of see market per market we're going up a little bit. stuart: yes we are. 352 a square foot. it's santa barbara, location, location, location, i've
atlanta joining us now. how bad, so far, is this outbreak of the flu? >> we are not sure about how this season will be. we will not know until the end of the season. what we do know is it is a very early start to the season. there is a lot of flu activity out there. people need to take steps to take care of themselves. dagen: how severe is the strain of the flu. >> the flu shot is the best way to protect people against getting the flu. we will not know until the end of the season how bad of a season it is. i here for my friends and family that people are coming down with pneumonia like they have not before. are there things you can do to keep the infection from getting worse? >> absolutely. probably the most important thing to prevent complications from the flu is to see your doctor and talk about getting treatment with influenza antiviral medication. dagen: is it too late to get a flu shot at this point? >> it is absolutely not too late to get the flu vaccine. we recommend that you get your vaccination right now if you can. we do not know how effective this year's vaccine is. we s
it in 1990, it was never a full-time menu item. it went well enough in atlanta are now testmarketing in chicago. have you been through all three? now, tell me, rank them in order which would you say is the best? >> i would say the first one. >> what is second-best? >> the middle one. or the third one is second-best. in the middle would be the third. >> let me reveal. number one, hooters. number two, mcdonald's. number three, domino's. now i have to ask you? >> i like mcdonald's the best. it is crunchy, tasty, spicy, i like that when the best. jeff: there you go, number two, one of them at number one. i would say that is a pretty good showing for mcdonald's. wings are getting fairly inexpensive in the market. so many people are buying wings these days in offering wings, they cost a lot. they're trying to come up with a four winged chicken but they haven't done so yet. he picked hooters and she picked mcdonald's, isn't that funny? cheryl: thank you very much for that live taste test in chicago. dennis: president obama namin nominating his pick for treasury secretary. cheryl: we will br
of atlanta. law enforcement reported a funnel cloud. one of those clouds did form but did not touch the ground. connell: maria, thank you. different subject now with cyber war and the banking industry. the cyber fighters are now claiming to have halted the attacks after a controversial deal was removed from youtube. the idea that these attacks have been halted, supposedly, what do you make of it? >> obviously, a pause is always welcome. these can be and are relentless. this is an unusually new world that we are in. we have somebody behind a computer, state-sponsored individual just to make mischief that can literally do not access to financial institutions around the world and even go deeper the more sophisticated they become. that is, of course, sophisticated, state-sponsored terrorism. who knows. there are others out there that mean us real harm. connell: you talk to law enforcement people about it. m baker, the former cia guy that we have all the time, this cyber warfare, this is the thing that you really have to watch out for. is there any direct involvement? >> we are at the le
of during an atlanta and chicago. cincinnati and milwaukee, they are waiting until next year for home prices to bottom out. i know that the viewers are always wondered what is going on in my area. the federal reserve really relies on this. they are also saying that the housing bottom occurred in the fourth quarter of 2011. when you think about it, we still have the 10.7 billion target is underwater. the house prices are worth less than the mortgage. that is a problem. housing is on the bed and maybe a housing bubble. it looks like we are in recovery. watch out and expect moderate growth. what they are talking about is we hit a trough and we are bouncing up. expect 3% growth. that is the news. connell: that is good. well done. dagen: thank you. elizabeth macdonald. we just got earlier this morning existing home sales. they were down slightly in december. down about 1%. that is still the second highest rate since november 2009. for more on this, let's bring in ed pinto. not bad. it was a little disappointing. if you look at those home price numbers, that will ultimately be what brings buyers o
. chicago could have severe weather wednesday. the sows including at atlanta, georgia, and new york in line for the potential of showers, thunderstorms, and severe weather if you can believe that in january. it's something to focus on over the next 24-48 hours. cheryl, dennis, back to you. dennis: let's talk utah. bad pollution kept people home from work. what's the latest there? janis: it's improving in utah. over the last week, tremendous fog. salt lake city, utah, the dirtyist air, add version, wind calm, cold temperatures come in, sinks into the valleys and traps the pollution. they had health issues, a health emergency in and around the area. winds, thankfully, loosened up. that's helping with the tail pipe emissions and that thing in the mountains and valleys, but it could return heading into the latter part of this week and into the weekend. unfortunately, they have dirty air in salt lake city. cheryl: visibility affects the airplanes and airlines coming out of salt lake. delta has a hub there. jay nighs: exactly. travel in the u.s. will be difficult. cheryl: time to check airline st
in the windy city after successful trial run in atlanta. they will have three serving sizes to pick from. three, five or 10 piece. sounds like mcnuggets, right? options start at three bucks and come with a creamy ranch dipping sauce. this new menu item may prove to be expensive venture for mickey d's. prices of chicken wings are rising steadily over the last year. many expect prices to continue rise with demand. any reaction to mcdonald's shares? no one can say for sure. down 60 cents. melissa: shaking your head. those little bones are the worst. >>> so who is in the minority? senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and house minority leader nancy pelosi digging in over another round of tax hikes. the fierce partisan divide impact on your paycheck. that's coming up next. lori: also the flu making its way through schools and offices around the country but who is to blame? we'll tell you that. look at winners and losers from today's trading session. the dow is down 72 points. there are outperformers. celgene, check point, nuance communications among the gainers lori: at one point washington's bick
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)

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